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Loan Against Gold: A rising trend in India - Personal Finance Blog

Loan Against Gold: A rising trend in India

Of late there has been a spurt in the gold loan markets in India. This has been owing to the ease of loan approval on one hand and the rising awareness created by many NBFCs (that give loans on gold as collateral) on the other. Gold are basically non income producing assets. To put it simply, if you have gold worth of Rs 10 lakh with you on your possession, your asset will be lying idle instead of generating any cash for you.

How To Recession proof your Finances - Personal Finance Blog

How To Recession proof your Finances

Keeping financial fitness is an art that many have not learnt. Having healthy finance means that you are living your life to the maximum with the amount of money that you earn, you are not short of finances at any given time and yet are able to save for the rainy day!

How to Escape the Debt Trap - Personal Finance Blog

How to Escape the Debt Trap

When You are clogged in debts, you get many things for free. Emotional burdens, weariness, depression, constant worry and uncertainty about the future are few of them. And it’s not only debt but these accomplices that compel a person into more and more debt. And before you know you are already in a debt trap!

Factors Affecting Home Insurance Prices - Personal Finance Blog

Factors Affecting Home Insurance Prices

Home insurance should be an important part of your portfolio because apart from providing a cover to your house , the typical home insurance covers your valuable personal property as well. There are several factors that determine efficient home insurance prices and if you are going to purchase a new house or just want to increase insurance rates of your current home, you’d better keep them in mind.

These are

Before You Plan Your Retirement - Personal Finance Blog

Before You Plan Your retirement!

Planning your finances properly is imperative before you plan out your has been rightly said that “How well you retire depends on how well you plan today!” Retirement brings enough time for a person white at the same time there is a sharp decrese in his income level! And with passing days when inflation is moving northwards, it is but a foolish decision not to plan your retirement!

So how do you plan your retirement?

Eliminate Your Debts

Prepaid Credit Cards In India - Personal Finance Blog

Prepaid Credit Cards in India

Prepaid credit cards are slowly gaining their grounds in india. Now a day’s almost all major banks in the country have prepaid credit cards to offer to its customers. Be it Axis Bank, HDFC bank, SBI or ICICI Bank.

Though most of us are unaware about it, prepaid credit cards better options to traditional credit cards because you will be spending first and paying later with it. Also with these cards, you will you don’t have to pay any interest like that of a credit card!

Invest In Collectibles And See Your Money Grow - Personal Finance Blog -

Invest In Collectibles And See Your Money Grow

All collectible items like antique, art. Old coins, Stamps, rare books, vintage cars or even bottle of fine wines have got the unusual potential of value appreciation. These are slowly getting favored by people as alternative investments and provide diversification away from a particular asset class. People who are looking for for indulgences that give them opportunity to cash in on their hobbies can turn their collectibles to revenue generating businesses.

Follow the Compounding Effect To Grow Rich

I had the good fortune of watching a video online recently where the presenter asks the audience if they would have a million dollars instantly or take a penny now and double the amount in 30 days! And consonant with expectation almost all in the audience voted for the first option. Well given a chance a few year back, I would have myself opted for the same .But now that I myself have known a bit about money and its ways, I know I would have been discounting $4 million from my coffers if I go for the first option. Shocked!!!

Taking a Good Loan to Enhance Your Bottom line

Taking a loan nowadays to meet expenses has now become a fad in our country. The availability of easy credit in the economy has fuelled consumerist trends to such an extent that gradually people are getting impulsive about taking loans to meet unwanted purchasing decisions. There is no harm in going for loans to meet our consumer demands except for the fact that these are loans that go towards creating liabilities on the long run. And thus these are Bad Loans!

Common Financial Blunders You Should Avoid

Managing money is an art that not many have known. In fact it is easy to find people making common financial mistakes than it is to spot somebody with an expertise in managing money properly. The best way to start in your path to manage money better is to avoid making costly mistakes that will be pulling you down and taking months or even years to recover.

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