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Budget 2012 - Much Ado about Nothing

Finally when all the hoopla around the corrective actions in the budget settled, what turned out was zilch! When the Indian economy has slowed down considerably, what was expected out of the finance minister was strong corrective measures that would put the economy back on track. The finance minister sadly produced a budget that has failed to satisfy his voters, excite the industry, correct the inflation or boost up the reform process.

Economic Survey report 2011-12 – Present Tense but Future Good

The economic survey report 2011-12 paints a disappointing picture of the government’s performance in the current fiscal. The economic growth is expected to slip to 6.9% from 8.4% in the previous two years. India had managed to post a growth rate of 9% per annum even though the growth rate in the rest of the world had fallen down to around 6% in 2008-09 .

Financial and General implication sof railway budget 2012-13

Presenting this year’s railway budget, the railway minister Mr. Dinest Trivedi rightly summed up - The railways is one of the most important infrastructure. Without the railways growing, India's GDP cannot grow,". It was thus understandable that the Railway minister took measures which were aimed more towards correcting the fiscal aspect of the behemoth rather than pleasing the populace. The highlights of the budget are as under

What to expect from the railway budget

As the entire nation waits with bated breath for the railway budget, there is hardly any indication that the cash strapped behemoth will get any needed financial breather when Mr Dinesh Trivedi gets ready to present his maiden railway budget. Passenger fares have not been revised since 2002-03. And this is areas that hardly seem to be getting any major amendment this year too. However with its purses already getting constrained, the Railways need to scout other options to fund its expansion plans.


Endowment policy have always been the pick for insurance companies. and every insurance company worth its name make hay selling endowment policies to customers promising stable and hefty returns. However the truth is that endowment policies often lack transparency, and more often than not offer reckless returns.

Personal Finance: Invest in PPF To Get Better Returns in Current Inflationary Trends

Invest in PPF To Get Better Returns in Current Inflationary Trends

For investors battered by high inflation and flat returns from stocks and mutual funds, the hike in interest rate on small saving schemes is a bonanza of sorts. The biggest gainers will be account holders of public provident fund (PPF), which now comes with the double benefit of higher interest rate (8.6%) and higher annual investment limit (Rs 1 lakh).



When a person opts for a home loan, he/ she has two options to choose from– Fixed Interest Rate & Floating Rate of Interest. The interest on home loans is directly related to the monetary policy of the Reserve Bank of India. The RBI has raised the key interest rates such as Repo rate, Reverse Repo rate etc. more than a dozen times since March 2010 to curb the inflation. The RBI recently tightened the monetary policy further and raised the Repo rate by 25 basis points to 8.5%.

Personal finance Blog: Return of Gold As The Most Preferred Tool of Investment

Return of Gold As The Most Preferred Tool of Investment

In the past few years, gold has emerged as an important asset class for investors globally. Indian investors in particular have always held Gold as a significant part of their savings. The same holds true even for today as gold continues to be a preferred medium for value preservation as well as wealth creation over the long run.

Understanding Economic Indicators and its Impact on Common Man.

The Reserve Bank of India has once again increased the REPO rate in its effort to curb the inflation. The WPI is standing at all time high. Industrial production numbers are down. Most of the time it appears to be just some numbers that always figure in the news headlines. What do these numbers indicate in a economy and how it affects the common people of a country is a matter that demands close attention.

Personal finance Blog : Cashless Hospitalization in India

Cashless Hospitalization in Health Insurance

Meeting one’s medical expenses sometimes can disrupt your financial stability. With the rising medical costs, the prospects of having oneself treated at the best of the hospitals are also becoming a privilege that is available only to a selected few. Also at the time of emergency, if one is running short of funds, it becomes equally gloomy for the patient. It is under such circumstances that cashless Hospitalization can come to one’s rescue.

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