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Documents requirement for Home Loan India

Now that you have decided to go on for home loans to finance the procurement of your new house, you need to be prepared for meeting the criteria of the banks. Cash apart that you need to pay as down payment, you should be ready with a set of documents those are generally needed by the banks before they sanction the home loan.

Different Types of Home Loans

In continuation with our series of posts on home loans, lets discuss about the different types of home loans. Well, depending on the purpose for which the loan is being availed, a home laon can be categorized into different segments. These are

Know The Eligibility Criteria for Home Loans

The earlier post was intended to give you a brief of all the factors that you need to consider before you arrive at the decision to go for a loan to finance buying of your dream home. Now that you are aware of all the factors that might influence your decision to approach the banks for home loan,let’s evaluate what factors the bank look for before they finally approve your loan.


Before You Apply for Home Loan

So now, that you have decided to own your home and finance the acquisition with loan money taken from bank, what are the things that you need to consider? Let’s discuss in details here:

Loan Amount

Home Loans in India : An introduction

Owning a home is everybody’s dream. And once you decide to turn this dream into reality, you realize how difficult decision it is for you to own your dream home. Because for most of us, buying a home is often a onetime experience and invariably the most costly buy in our life time. So how do you then finance the most costly dream that you ever dreamt in life?

Remedies Available For Debenture holders

This is the concluding part of the series of posts on debentures that is aimed at educating you about debentures. Till now you know about debentures, it’s advantages, types , issue and how it is different from shares. In this post we will make an attempt to understand as owner of debentures, what are the remedies available to you if the company makes a default in payment of interest to you.

A close look at the Issue of Debentures

In this post on the series of Debentures, let’s take a close look at the issue of debentures! The companies Act lays down sets of rules that guide the issue of debentures by a company. Debentures are issued by the company in accordance to these set of rules, usually after a resolution to this effect is passed by the Board of Directors.

Secured Debentures: How secure For investment?

Secured debentures are generally secured by a line of asset . This acts as a sort of guarantee for the holder of the debt instrument about the repayment of the principal and the interest rates upon the maturity of the instrument.

Investing in Non Convertible Debentures - Return and Risk Associated

Bank Fixed Deposits, Company Fixed Deposits and Non Convertible Debenture Issues – The options available for today’s investors are amazing! And what’s alluring to the retail investor is the fact that all these vehicles offer stupendous interest rate to them. But be aware! Do all your post-tax allied homework to assess if the risk element is worth it.

Debentures Vs Shares

In this post, let’s try to understand the basic factors that differentiate debentures from Shares. Though both are instruments issued by the companies to its investors, both are different in many ways.

Differences between Debentures and Shares

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