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Pre –approved Home Loans – Give you Advantage For fast Purchase of property

Well, did you ever come across a situation where you just had to loose on the property you had selected simply because the loan application for home loan somehow got delayed and the property was sold off in the process?

If yes, then you would surely be thinking of a way out to beat such inordinate delays and yet get the loan approved in time! Don’t worry, Pre-approved home loans come to your rescue in situations like the one mentioned above!

Should You Become The guarantor of a Home Loan

Well, so your friend wants you to become a guarantor for the loan that he has applied for. And going by your relationship you have just made up your mind to act in favor of hime. But hold on! Do you have enough inkling of what would be your position with respect to the loan as a guarantor? Let’s have a detailed discussion about this here in this post.

Why does the Lending Company need a guarantor?

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Joint Home Loans Answered

People are not much aware about joint home loans and face many questions. In this we seek to resolve the most frequently asked questions about joint Home Loans, that will go a long way in satisfying your queries.

Should all the co-owners be the Co-applicants of the loan

Well co-applicants need not necessarily be the co-owners of the home loan. But banks do insist that co-owners should be the co-applicants in case they go for joint loans.

Top Benefits Offered by a Joint Home Loan

Joint Home LoanWell for most home loan seekers, clubbing in the spouse’s income or parental income is a sure shot way of getting the loan sanctioned from the banks. A double income is always preferred by the banks as it reduces the risk factor in loan disbursement. Usually, banks insist that your EMI should not exceed 40-45% of your monthly income. So, higher your income, the higher would be the loan amount.

How to Switch your Home loan to a new lender

Since the announcement of government about lowering of interest on home loan, there has been a race amongst the banks to reduce their own interest rate. So if you are thinking to switch your own home loan to a another bank to cash on lower EMI, it is the time to act!

So how can you shift the existing loan from one lender to another? We will discuss here in details the process and other details relating to shifting of loan from one bank/lender to other.

What To Do When You Default on Home Loans

This is one of the most precarious situations to be in! No body wants to default on a loan but fortunately or unfortunately if that happens, how are you going to deal with its repercussion? Let’s discuss about the option available to you in case of default on your home loan payment in this post!

Home Loan Interest Rates in India

Lets do a comaparative analysis of all banks and financial institutions taht offer home loans in India. This will give you an idea of the banks that you should apprioach for applying the loan. For a detailed list of banks providing home laon in india, please click here.

Home Loan rates in India

Home Loan for Non Resident Indians

It has been over a week now that we are having discussions relating to home loan. Today lets discuss home loans from the point of view of Non Resident Indians. Is a NRI eligible for a home loan in India? If yes how can he do so? Questions like these and others will be discussed in today’s post!

Home Loan Insurance – Best way to protect your Home Loan

Home Loan InsuranceSo it has come a full circle now! Prior to having your loan sanctioned, you used to spend sleepless nights over the thought of how to have your house built! Now you cant sleep thinking how would the loan be serviced in event of some eventualities like your death! After all in case such a thing happens and your family is unable to pay the EMI on your loan , the lender would take possession of your home. Isn’t it?

Tax Benefits on Home loans Made Clear

Procuring a home is a onetime experience for most people and funding this with home loan is clearly the easiest way for most of us . However after you have your home loan sanctioned from bank, you realize that they are the biggest liability as it takes away anywhere between 25-50% of our income in EMI. The government has come to our rescue in this matter by way of reliefs that are available in the form of tax rebates. In this post we will discuss about tax benefits available on home loans taken by you!

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