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Consequences of Bank Loan default and How To handle it

Well, many people tend to lose their sleep over the prospect of defaulting on the bank loan. However this is an issue that can be handled with perfect ease if poise is maintained and things are done correctly. So let’s make an attempt to understand this issue from two perspectives – 1. Consequences of loan Default. 2. How to handle it.

Rights of A Loan Defaulter in India

Loan default is one of the worst nightmares of borrower in India. In the banking world, it is consonant to committing a serious offence and the borrowers are subjected to experiences which might go from hoarse phone calls by recovery agents to regular harassment.

Default on Personal Loans: Things To Do

Personal loans are high on the list of borrowers as they are easy to get from the bank however they carry a high risk with them as the rate of interest is high .

4 Best Alternatives To Personal Loans

Mired in deep financial crisis , Sandip approached his bank for a personal loan but was turned down! He tried his hands with other banks too but met with the same fate. Finally he decided to take a call on some private financial institutions! But the rate of interest was exorbitant enough to scare him away! What recourse does he have now to account for the deficit in his cash requirement?

Personal Loan Rates in India

The earlier post in was meant to let you know how to get the best deal on personal loan! As had been mentioned, for a better deal you need to be aware of the rates on offer by various banks. So lets discuss the rates on offer by the banks in this post!

How to get the cheapest Personal Loans from banks?

Well, let’s face this fact first! Irrespective of how well you earn, at some point of time or other, you will still face the crunch situation and will be in need for a breather! This is when most of us think of a personal loan. For most, it’s the best decision to approach the bank and walk away with the required amount because there are hardly any hassles involved in But what is intimidating about personal loans is the interest rate charged.

Why Buying A Repossessed Car is A Sound Financial Decision

In the earlier posts we have discussed about car loan default and repossession of the same by bank. Now let’s come to understand why buying a repossessed car that banks auction always amount to a sound financial decision!

How Does The Bank Take Possession Of Your Car Upon Loan Default

In the earlier post we discussed about various ways you can avoid default on your car loan in difficult times. However if after giving your 100%, the bank do not agree to your proposal and decide to take possession of your vehicle, what should you do?

Car Loan Default – All that You should Know

The Indian economy for the past few months have taken a serious beating and the economic situation seem bleak, unemployment rates have gone up and the inflation rates too have grown normal proportions.

How To Finance Buying of Your Car

With a rising middle class in India, the sale of four whellers has picked up substantially over the past decade. In fact owning a car is now considered necessity by the present generation. India today is treading on the paths of other industrialized nations and the days are not far when every household in India would be having a four wheeler of its own.

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